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Universal Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Unifop.com

Unifop.com is a part of Acharya Consulting Services and Sales, 102, Maidangarhi, New Delhi - 110068.

In all financial statements with us, our details will appear as Acharya Consulting, Our GST Number is 07AHMPN5301J1Z9

A GST of 18% is applicable on 15% service charges for all users, which is included in total amount at the time of payment.

The Invoice Available on dashboard are not GST Compliant, because it can not be generated automatically. so we shall send a separate email with GST compliant invoice.

We provide Payment security to both party on any assigned project or services through our platform.

Do not break rules of any country/region you fall in, because any illegal behavior may attract legal action on complaint to judicial system of particular place.

Do not forget to report us if you find any fake/misleading content on our website so that we can remove it quickly.

Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the Buyer has three days to respond. If no response is provided within the response period, the Order will be considered completed.

Users are allowed to leave reviews on Orders up to 10 days after an Order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an Order after 10 days.
Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from their Buyers through mutual cancellations.

Once the Buyer submits his/her review, the Seller will receive a notification and will also have the opportunity to leave a review about working with the Buyer. Please Note: At this stage, Sellers cannot see the Buyer's review.

Once both Seller and Buyer have completed their reviews, or the 10 days have passed, all posted reviews are made public.

Responding to a review: Once both reviews from the Buyer and Seller have been published, the Seller can reply to the Buyer’s review from the Order page, seen on the Seller’s Gig page, beneath the Buyer’s feedback.

For Employer:

  1. Downloadable products sold on platform are property of sellers and all guarantee and warrantee should be fulfilled by seller. we do not have option to refund once payment is released to seller.
  2. Do not offer payment directly to any seller to avoid fraud. The purpose of this platform is mainly to provide you a secured environment and skilled workforce.
  3. Unifop is not responsible of any data loss during work by intentionally or accidently by any individual or agency freelancers. please make a backup before you give.
  4. An Order is marked as Complete after it is marked as Delivered and then accepted by a Buyer. An Order will be automatically marked as Complete if not accepted and no request for modification was submitted within 3 days after the Order was marked as Delivered.
  5.  To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Unifop from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Unifop with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.
  6. Feedback comments given by Buyers are publicly displayed on a Seller’s Profile and Services.
  7. Work Samples are the delivered images and videos sent to a Buyer in a delivery message. Work Samples are added to a Seller’s Live Portfolio on their Gig page if the Buyer chooses to publish the Work Sample while providing a public feedback review.
  8. Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.
There are 3 paid Plans for Employers having multiple project, you don’t need to buy if you have few requirements, you can also edit you jobs if it is not completed.

For Freelancers:

  1. Post services according to your skills and experience, after you accept and received an order from any service you have posted and cancelling it will attract 5% cancellation charges from next coming payment or wallet.
  2. It is your responsibility for any copyright claim on images or content used on your service or profile content.
  3. Any digital Product you sell on this platform should have a valid license and you should have authority. Any claim filed against particular product Unifop will remove it.
  4. Please do not upload files on Unifop for any digital goods, because this can have access to our staff and we don’t guarantee for any misuse, you can place link to any drive, links are not visible to anyone and it directly downloads to byer after payment is confirmed.
  5. you shall not ask for a direct payment from any byer in any circumstances, if found all your relevant access will be barred and payment in wallet shall be forfeited.
  6. You will not ask byer for a positive feedback in exchange of any free of additional service.
  7. You shall deliver project in committed time, this will increase your profile visibility on our platform.
  8. You will deliver all raw files and source codes of assignment to employer as per commitment and provide 3 days Support without additional Cost.

You can choose packages for more number of services and a badge, there are 3 badge: 1. Member, 2. Plus Member, 3. Pro Member. See Plans details from dashboard and upgrade